Last updated on – Mar 30, 2016

It is quite general in monsoons that people stuck with their motorbikes over the roadsides and under the tree shelter due to heavy rain. Some bikers face problems related to early morning starting trouble. Monsoon gives various reasons for such problems and the only solution to them is precaution. The owner must take care of their vehicle so as to enjoy the weather at its fullest. But how one can avoid such issues? Read on.

When Roads Become Canals

Motorbike starting trouble in Monsoons

If you are residing in a city where drainage system is a total loss, then you might have encountered with such scenes. During such situations, it is really important to take extra care while finding your way out of that canal resembling road. It would be fun to cut that with friends, but only when you can sustain it. The clutch is the thing which will serve your ride over such places. It is recommended to not to wind up the clutch cable and make it stretch all the way. Neglecting this will result into damaged clutch plates, chain, sprockets and wheel bearings.

Choke on, Ride on

Another thing which you can do is keep the choke on. This will stretch the throttle of your bike at a consistent level and won’t allow the engine to slow down.

Apply Choke in Motorbike during Monsoon

Some of the modern bikes come without or automatic choke which might not get started during such situations as the engine is already warm. In such cases, rider has to stretch the accelerator throughout the water stuck road. The concept behind is, water should not enter the exhaust.

Regular Oiling of Parts

During Monsoons, cables including brake cable, accelerator cable, clutch cable etc. faces rough movement. This is because of the rain water which has been entered into them in moisture form. Regular oiling of them will lower the risk.Along with that, the fuel cap also collects some water around the fuel opening. While fueling the motorbike, it may happen that the water gets dropped inside the fuel tank. This will create additional problems for you as the engine may start playing with your time in assistance with carburetor and injection system failure. This can be avoided only with precaution.

Regular Oiling of chain will keep the Motorbike safe

Chains always require oiling and cleaning and the service interval reduces from months to days during monsoons. Most of the bikes have an open chain system which contacts with water during a rainy day ride. The mixture of water with oil creates a substance which is prone to magnet the dust. Hence it requires frequent cleaning and oiling.

Batteries Also Need Your Attention

The bikes with electric start function should have a good battery to keep the coil safe. Mood dependent batteries should be immediately replaced with an obedient one.

Dead batteries must be replaced

You will definitely require it during your rainy day tour. Also, use of kick to start your bike is recommendable, but it doesn’t mean that you can not use the electric system.

Some Additional Tips

Ride your bike at normal speed and do race with any traffic companion. Check the trades and other factors of your motorbike tyres. Skidding problems are common with worn out tyres and they must be replaced. Do not park your vehicle at a place which I directly exposed to rain after a long run. Immediately switched off engines are warm and cold rain water may bring the engine oil to freeze inside. This could even cease the engine.