Pisces SignThis year will be fruitful for Meen (Pisces) constellation. Even if Saturn’s “dhaiya” is affecting your progress, but Jupiter will bless for good results in family issues and bring peace everywhere. Health will not be an issue to worry. You can buy a new vehicle or property in this period of time. Year’s second half will be good for love affairs and marriage plans. Month of July will be the period of Rahu’s migration to seventh house of Meen (Pisces) which could produce unnecessary stress between married couples. You will invest in 2014 to boost up your business.

Elderly and senior people will help you. You will do something well and planned. Strong chances of income are making their way for you. People working in partnership must be careful. Time will support students in education purposes and they can go for higher educations. It would be good to keep a square shaped silver piece with you.