happy makar sankrantiMakar Sankranti is a festival which is celebrated in India and Nepal on 14th January every year. This is the only Indian festival which is celebrated every year on the same date as per hindi calendar unlike other festivals like Holi and Diwali which are celebrated on different dates every year. However, it rarely happens that this festival is getting celebrated on 13th or 15th January.

Makar Sankranti is also celebrated as the starting of Spring Season. This is a festival of kites and sweets specially prepared for cold season. People enjoy screwing kite fighting. Kites require a strong thread to make a good flight. Whole country is fond of this fun but it is celebrated with most glee in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Ahmadabad and Jaipur are cities which are famous for this kite festival and many fares also get celebrated which are related to kites.

injured birdKites are a fun to do play but it effects adversely on birds and others too. While screwing the kites, one needs to pull the thread or rope tightly to create friction on competitor’s kite. This cuts the opponents kite which is a matter of victory. But due to screwing, sometimes many birds come in their range and get harmed of that. It is reported every year that hundreds of birds including pigeon, owl, eagle, crow and other birds have got injured due to extreme abases of kite rope over their body. Not only Birds, it effects human being also and especially two wheeler riders when the rope of kite which has been cut few time back, gets wrapped around them. This could be very dangerous as sometimes it gets around ones neck and any kind of injury or harm over it is not at all affordable.

So it’s a humble request that please stop the use of harmful kite ropes and do not try screwing with kites. This could minimize the number of accidents which happen every year on this holy festival. Let’s make this festival more enjoyable by going green and saving some lives. We also request you to take care of any injured bird or human by making it cured by the respective hospital staff.
chief minister on makar sankranti