There is always discussion about a country’s progress that what is the reason that it is behind and what is the reason it is ahead. There are many factors that affect a country’s development and progress but the main is its economy. If your country is economically strong then it is good, if it is not then it is a worry point for your country.

Map of countries by GDPThe main factor is GDP, the market worth of a country’s good and the services that it provides in 365 days. The value of gross domestic product is evaluated and examined by the government authorities and international market at the rate of exchange. Thus, it decides the overall saving and spending of a government that lead towards the development and prosperity of a country.

United States of America is the most powerful country in the world and its reason is, it has full power money plans and GDP. There are many reasons and factors behind America’s successful plans on the growth of GDP. We are going to tell you about economies of the following countries that how fair and far good they are.

Rank Country/Region GDP (Millions of $US)
1  United States 14,991,300
2  China 7,203,784
3  Japan 5,870,357
4  Germany 3,604,061
5  France 2,775,518
6  Brazil 2,476,651
7  United Kingdom 2,429,184
8  Italy 2,195,937
9  India 1,897,608
10  Russia 1,857,770
11  Canada 1,736,869
12  Australia 1,515,468
13  Spain 1,478,206
14  Mexico 1,155,206
15  South Korea 1,116,247
16  Indonesia 846,834
17  Netherlands 836,823
18  Turkey 774,983
19   Switzerland 660,762
20  Saudi Arabia 597,086