Gunday movie which released today is delightful movie for those who love to watch Masala and drama movie. You found no regret for watching this movie. Gunday movie is based on two 12 year old boys Bikram and Bala who ran to save their lives and called Refugee. Movie pulls you to backdrop of 1970, when Bangladesh was formed and Kolkata was known as Calcutta. Story takes a new turn when both boys turn into Coal Mafia after stealing coal from train.

gunday movie 2014

The story is about their friendship, their bond. They became Calcutta’s fearless, most powerful, most loved Gunday. They both have fallen in love with a Cabaret dancer.

Overall, story is beautifully slinginked, executed and exorbitantly presented. This is the movie with smart script writing. Twist and turns in film gird viewers in a swing. Bromance and romance, demosthenian action with perfect drama is really laudatory.

Few parts of movie tend to be repetitive but the next part coerces you to forget its monotonous part.
Music is nice but not excellent. “Tune Maari Entriyaan” track is easy to catch music track. Some scenes are tacky. Irfan Khan doesn’t have too many scenes but make his presence.