Last updated on – 14th October, 2015

The Government of India has recently made an announcement regarding the safety norms of two-wheels in the country. The statement says that they will be making ABS compulsory in the motorcycles and scooters, which will get manufactured in the country. Now, before moving ahead, let me help you to know more about the ABS facility in the motorcycles and scooters. The two-wheeler manufacturers have acquired various safety hazards in their products, but not the ABS.

Basically, ABS is Anti-Lock Braking System, which is an enhanced and improved braking system. The ABS system allows the machine to maintain the grip with the road while applying brakes. It also prevents wheel lock-up and avoids unmanageable skids. The Anti-Lock Braking system is an automated braking system offering improved vehicle control over dry, wet or slippery road surfaces.

ABS Tracking your Tracks

Let me take you through the consequences of making ABS compulsory in two-wheels for the Indian market.

Improved Safety Features:- Introducing ABS in the motorcycles and scooters is like adding another top cherry to complete the makeover of the cake. The Government hasn’t yet mentioned the displacement range of the motorcycles, but it is expected that they will be planning to introduce the ABS first in bigger displacement engines and then after some time they will gently take over the mass-market production. The ABS equipped vehicles will be providing gentle grip and enhanced controlling power to its rider.

ABS Functionality in Motorcycles

The braking system, which would get accompanied with the ABS, could be able to bear any road condition, such as dusty roads, bad tarmac, highways, off-roads, etc. As we all know that Indian roads are the worst among all across the globe. It has come with lots of sudden surprises such as speed brakes, sudden and hazardous bumps and many more things. In such situations, the ABS acts as a stroke of luck to provide a cozy and secure riding.

Motorbikes with ABS

However, various reward points can be given to the motorcycles, which are equipped with ABS. The major advantage is that the rider doesn’t need to think about the safety guards while riding an ABS equipped motorcycle. There are various two-wheeler manufacturers who are providing top-notch safety features in their product portfolio, such as BMW, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki and many more.

Well, you must be thinking that the introduction of the ABS system will result in the price increment of the two-wheeler, but eventually they will end up providing better controlling power to the rider. According to the Indian frame of mind, a person always prefers low-cost motorcycle, which is able to give a healthy riding carrying a pretty good mileage. But, just think on it once, adding a non-negotiable amount of INR 10,000 will give you a new perception towards riding.