Hajj PilgrimageHajj is the divine pilgrimage of Muslim religion, which held once in a year. Great number of people of Muslim religion from world are congregated in Mecca. Hajj is performed from 8th to 12th Dhu al-Hijjah, according to Islamic calendar. The Hajj is allied with the one of Paigambar Muhammad. Pilgrims of Mecca are known as Hajji. In India, Applying for Hajj is scheduled around the month of January- February.

Queries and answers regarding Hajj

Q. 1 How to get the Application Form for Hajj?
Ans. You can get the application form for the Hajj from the office of the UT or State Hajj Committee. The application form can also be downloaded from the official website of Hajj Committee of India or Download Hajj Application Form from Here.

Q. 2 What is the next step after getting the application form for Hajj?
Ans. First read all the instructions and guidelines carefully before filling the form. Then, fill the form carefully and deposit Rs. 300 as registration Fee per candidate, in any branch of State bank of India. Submit the application form in the office of respective State Hajj Committee and receive registration number.

Q. 3 Is every pilgrim should fill the form in Duplicate?
Ans. Yes, every pilgrim should fill the form in duplicate.

Q. 4 How to submit application form without any distress?
Ans. The Cover Head, who is bearing the responsibility of all other candidates who are registered in his cover, shall have the cover of all completed applications according to guidelines and then submit to the UT / State Hajj Committee,.

Q. 5 Who should be a Cover Head? Is it possible for a female to be a Coverhead?
Ans. No, there are no possibilities of a lady to be a Cover head. Female are restricted for Cover Head.

Q. 6 Is it approachable to regroup two or more than two covers?
Ans. No, it is not.

Q. 7 What is the eligibility to applying for Reserved category ‘A’?
Ans. Candidates, who is aged 70 years or above on the date of January 31, 2014 is eligible.

Q. 8 Can a single candidate of 70 years above apply for Hajj?
Ans. He cannot apply for Hajj without the companion (fellow).

Q. 9 Who can be your companion?
Ans. Any relative including brother, sister, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, nephew, niece, daughter-in-law and son-in-law.

Q. 10 Can a companion of aged person benefited a separate flight?
Ans. No

Q. 11 Who is Nominee for Hajj Pilgrim?
Ans. A Nominee is a person, who is nominated by the Hajj pilgrim in his/her application.

Q. 12 Who is Mehram in Hajj?
Ans. A male companion of female pilgrim during journey of Hajj is Mehram (according to Shariat).

Q. 13 What should every applicant of Hajj required to do for Solemn Declaration?
Ans. Every applicant should require impressing thumb and sign on the Solemn Declaration.

Q. 14 What facilities are provided to NRIs, businessmen, Umrah pilgrims and frequent flyers?
Ans. Those are immune from submitting the passport; they only need to submit the self attested copy of passport at the time of application.

Q. 15 What is the meaning of Qurrah?
Ans. The meaning of Qurrah is a draw of lots which is computerized and conducted in UT/ State territory. Because of lots of applications, Hajj Committee selects some of applicants among all applicants through Qurrah.

Q. 16 How Qurrah is conducted?
Ans. It is selected by specific software according to cover number and priority list.