Japanese automakers have introduced two MUV cars, Honda Mobilio and Maruti Ertiga. Both cars get seven seats within their interiors with high bulk densities. These are built for the personal usage and granting to the demand of customers, they can personalize the interior cabin of motors.


These latest car models are available in the market and clients are getting surmised among these alternatives. Hence, for shedding lights on their doubts we have compared below the overall specifications of Mobilio and Ertiga.

Exterior of Honda Mobilio V/S Maruti Ertiga

Honda Mobilio and Maruti Ertiga come with the outstanding outlook that can attract anyone at a glimpse. The Mobilio includes adjustable headlights, Chrome grille and power antenna that unified higher level of mechanical specialty. Whereas, the exterior of Ertiga is also machined with the adjustable headlight, but it gets different well engineered fog lamp, tail light, alloy wheels and ORVM.

Interior Features of Mobilio and Ertiga

Both cars have seven seats under its interior and they get same inner facilities. Mobilio incorporates with the air conditioner cabins, digital odometer, tachometer, heater, fabric upholstery and adjustable steering column. Now with those, Ertiga is also equipped with air conditioner rooms, digital clock, adjustable steering column, heater and Fabric upholstery.


Engine and Power of Mobilio V/S Ertiga

The Honda Mobilio instrumented with two engine options for petrol and diesel. The petrol engine includes 1.5 litre iVTEC series manufactures the maximum power of 117 bhp with the peak torque of 146 Nm. The diesel engine is powered by 1.5 litre lDTEC produces the maximum output of 98 bhp and the torque of 200 Nm at 1750 rpm.

The Maruti Ertiga also comes in two engine variants of petrol and diesel. The petrol version includes 1.4 litre K series and give the highest power of 95 bhp with the peak torque of 132 Nm. The Maruti with its diesel model enters for 1.3 litre Ddis and creates the max output of 90 bhp with the torque of 204 Nm at 200 rpm. Both motors give the manual type transmission

Mileage Specifications of Mobilio and Ertiga

The petrol version of Honda Mobilio comprises the splendid mileage of 13.38 km/l in the urban condition. Whereas, on the highway it renders the maximum speed of 17.3 km/l. The diesel model produces the minimum mileage of 15-17 km/l in traffic condition and on the highway, it delivers the superb fuel efficiency of 22-24 km/l.

The petrol version of Ertiga facilitates the 12.3 km/l of mileage in the city and along the main road, it renders the energetic mileage of 16.02 km/l. The runabout with the diesel version gives the average mileage of 20.78 km/l.


Safety Comparison For Mobilio and Ertiga

Honda Mobilio unified the excellent securities for its residents. It comes with the functions for central locking, halogen headlamps, door ajar warning, child safety locks, Rear seat belts with adjustable mode and an engine check warning.

Maruti Ertiga also includes better safety for the customers with halogen headlamps, door ajar warning, rear seat belts and adjustable seats.

Price Comparison

The approx price tags of Mobilio for its different variants of the petrol version ranged between INR 6.49 Lakh to INR 8.76 Lakh and the diesel variants are approximately priced at INR 7.89 Lakh to INR 9.76 Lakh.

The Ertiga with its petrol versions approximately priced between INR 5.8 Lakh to 7.35 Lakh and the approx price for its diesel variants ranged within INR 7.22 Lakh to INR 8.49 Lakh.


These both models have introduced in the car market to supply the best amenities for clients. According to our opinion, Honda Mobilio will be the best choice for customers due to its excellent characteristic, which has grounded on the platform of Brio and Amaze and available at the most inexpensive price as compare to Maruti Ertiga.