The rising fuel prices are the most frustrating and worrying topics for the people in India. A long debate can be organized on how to reduce fuel prices and benefitting the govt. income at the same time. These topics won’t end ever as the fuel is the basic requirement of people for transportation. However, there are other transportations modes  also available which do not require fuels like petrol, diesel etc. Here, I am not talking about bullock carts and cycle rickshaws but it’s a fuel which is as cheap as natural hydrogen. I am talking about HHO kits.

HHO kits in motorbikes to increase mileage

HHO kits are booming the environment with the efficiency which they provide against a conventional petrol engine bike. HHO kits are manufactured with the basic principle of increasing the vehicle’s mileage when input to the engine is in mixed form with petrol.

A very old theory of electrolysis has been incorporated into this technique. When a small amount of direct current is subjected to water, it separates the molecules of oxygen and hydrogen in HO and O. It is further injected into the bike’s engine along with its original fuel where the combustion takes place to its maximum. As the combusting particles are a mixture of HHO and fuel, the efficiency gets raised and bike covers more kilometres per litre of fuel.

HHO kits in motorbikes to increase mileage

The Advantages of HHO Kits are Listed Below:

  • No harmful particulates’ emission
  • Improved engine power and performance
  • Increased fuel efficiency by 40-50%
  • Eliminate carbon deposits
  • Reduced heat in combustion chamber
  • Flawless engine operation
  • Enhanced Engine components’ life
  • Less expense on maintenance

The Disadvantages of HHO Kits are Listed Below:

  • Less popular and limited availability
  • High Fuel cell changing cost
  • Frequent maintenance
  • Adequate engine lubrication
  • Engine breakdown owing to low quality equipment fitting


It’s good to get one such fitting to your bike, but the thing you have to keep in mind is regular take care and maintenance of the cell.