hd-vs-full-hdFor the mass, things are always about the numbers, if it’s large in quantity then its good. Same goes for the pixels as well, with the apple’s retina display technology, companies are trying to put more pixels in a small area and I agree the more the pixel the sharp is the image and better is the image quality, but apart from pixel many other things work together to give you a good display.

Apart from the pixels, type of display, protective coating used and image processors are among various things that a mobile phone display depends upon.

So one might simply ask that why does pixel matter so much??

Well the simple and the basic answer for the question is “it’s all about numbers”. Even in cameras people believe the more mega pixels is equivalent to better camera, but they actually have no idea what all processing is require to get a good image quality, it’s not only mega pixel that the image quality depends upon rather its more than that but it’s not at all easy to explain all the working of a camera so to keep it simple instead of the technical explanation, a fairly simple term mega pixel is used and thus this become a point on which companies like to boast.

Now one might consider that is the same pattern is observed in HD and Full HD as well?

Does pixel doesn’t play importance in that as well??

Well yes, considering phones of the size equal or above 5 inch range, it is difficult to distinguish HD and Full HD unless you are in the mood to inspect it real closely. Most people hold their phone at a distance of 20 to 24 inches of distance where the difference between both is not visible until and unless a proper scrutiny is done. So in order to test this theory a 5 inch phone with HD display and the other 5.2 inch phone with full HD display was compared and was asked by common people that do they see any difference, for all of them the display was same for both the devices.

If you are going for any new smart phone, don’t judge the model; on the basis of Full HD feature as it hardly makes any difference.