Love is about love, some beautiful and warm feelings that you have towards someone else. It can be towards anyone whether your relatives or friends. But apart from these two, you have these love feelings for someone else who is everything in your life for whom you can do anything.


If you have strong love feelings for someone else you can say him or her but if you think you want to say it on a special day provided the day become memorable for your whole life then you do not have to wait much for this. On 14th Feb 2014, the day of lovers, love day or anything you want to name it, is coming.

This year’s Valentine day is coming spreading flowers of love around the world and for those who are waiting for this day, they do not have to wait much. On 14th Feb, say what you want to say, express what you want to express to your loved ones or to your lover. This day for 24 hours is only for love and nothing else.


There is something about love from author John Green: “As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” So celebrate this year Valentine Day as you want to or as you think.

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