Women are the most beautiful and gracious creation of god. Neither, a woman can be defined by few words nor she can be bound in few lines. She is Love; she is hope; she is sky; she is sculpture. A Woman can explore the world and she can also create a new world through her imagination. She is not a fantasy, she is pride.

They can contribute in each activity equally with men. India is a male dominated country but why people forget the history of India which had lots of women warriors. The best example is Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai. No-one can forget her contribution in the revolution from British freedom.

happy women's day 2014Well, They cannot be girded to any single day. Nevertheless, in this male dominated world, one day is dedicated to honoring women of the world. That day is call as Women’s Day. The International Women’s day falls every year on 8th March.

Why is it celebrated? It is celebrated in the respect of women; their social, political and economical achievements. The day is celebrated for abolishing the violence against them, for their empowerment and rights, gender equality and equality in all aspects including education, job, etc. and to appreciate for their achievements.

The official announcement of this day is made in year 1975 and United Nations officially sanctioned this international event. The first National Women’s day is celebrated in 1909 on 28th February by USA and the first International Women’s day is celebrated on 1911 across the world.

First time it is celebrated on 19th March in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria and letter it was transferred to 8th March. On this day, Russian ladies empowered with the right of giving vote. They started strike against the death of 2 million Russian soldiers in war. There is also a fact that India is one of the countries, who first gave the right of vote to women.

woman's day 2014Every nation celebrates this event with diversity. Some nations offer holiday on this International Women’s Day; some celebrate it by presenting gifts to mother, sisters, wives and colleagues to honor them, and some nations celebrate by partying. There are also some controversies regarding the celebration of this international event.  Tower Hamlets Council’s one of libraries is closed for men including its male staff on this day.

In India, this day is not a holiday. But women’s organizations, Cells and NGOs celebrate this occasion by participating in various plays, organize various competitions, events to aware them for their rights and also appreciate by presenting awards.

Even our Law also said about the equality for women. Lots of amendments are presented every time when Indian law feels they have equal rights as men. Eventhough they are not aware for their rights, they don’t even know about their rights. Here are some legal rights of women that every woman should in practice to protect her and to fight for the right of equality:

  • A woman who has raped can record the statement when case is in under trial (Under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code)
  • A rape victim can register a FIR any time, even long time is ran out.
  • She can also register FIR through email for safety purpose.
  • A rape victim can also register a complaint at any police station, whether the police station falls under the area of  incident or not.
  • Any cop cannot arrest a woman after sunset and can’t even bring a woman in police station for interrogation after sunset.
  • A rape victim has right of keeping a copy of her medical report and the case of rape cannot be closed even after the rape hasn’t taken.
  • Every organization including private, public sector; it is mandatory for each organization to establish a committee for resolving the complaints of sexual harassment which is headed by a woman.

United Nation gave a theme to every International Women’s Day. The theme of the day is “Inspiring Change.”  Which means, She is not only for wedlock or to show love, she has equal rights as men; she has equal rights of dreaming and to touch the sky. She is the idol of motherhood and also morph of Panna Dhaay, who dedicated his son for the sake of patriotism.