Christmas is a festival of exchange of happiness, memories and sweets. It remains incomplete without these factors. People used to visit their friends and relatives at their places and then they together go to the next destination with their wishes. Another way of greeting someone is to pass a sweet message which will make them feel the affection and care that you have for them. We have provided top 7 Christmas messages which will be great to greet your cognizant.

Christmas New Messages

1. Celebrate this Christmas with full rejoice and food of your choice.
Enjoy the day, with near ones and say
2. With this superb year end,
What you may, what you can,
Leave your stress, wear a smile,
Have bright career, live long Life.
Merry Christmas

3. Awesome Christmas, greater joy,
Welcome New Year, Woe Destroy,
Break the cliff down, cut the sky,
Have great fly, go up high.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

4. Sky is blue, the time is hue,
New Year fever, Christmas sweeter,
Light and sound, bound with surround,
Oh! Yes! Yes! Merry Christmas

5. Make it loud, Make it high,
Out of crowd, out of shy,
Wish your friends, Do enjoy,
Make it bigger, fill upto cloy
Merry Christmas6. Christmas brings gifts, Christmas is holy,
New Year is next, time for jolly
Greetings from me, to you friend,
Happy Christmas and year end

7. Christmas is festival of love and joy,
May Lord bless you with all good health-wealth,
And be with you always to celebrate Christmas every year.
Merry Christmas
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