Fashion Resolutions

Fashion Resolutions

New Year 2013 has come and with it, a new fashion. Whatever that has happened perhaps not so bad but a little bad in fashion you might not want it to do it again. Your wardrobe has the previous collection of gone 2012 but as the new year has come let us gear up for new collection for your wardrobe but before filling it with new fashion and style let us make some resolutions that make 2013 more fashionable and stylish.

Fill new fashion in closet – those clothes that you still haven’t worn past 6 months whether they are gifted ones or given on sentimental values and you do not like because they do not suit you then give them to someone else and earn karmas.

Dresses that make your shape – get in best body but it doesn’t mean that you cannot dress. There are fashion tricks, use them and be stylish.

Wear in a quality classic – invest in classic wears because they never get faded out like trend junkies, shahab Durazi pantsuit or Celina leather tote.

Take a fashion risk– try your new style what you think that’s trendy and you think suit you, wear them and walk out on roads whether wear in legs or in upper body. Just do what you want to do and change your hair style too.

Wear your best clothes everyday – everyday wear new clothes as much as you can whether if you are at home or outside. Just be like always a fashion star rather than considering yourselves a low like.

In love with crazy design – sometimes rather than wearing simples, try some designs and prints quirky squirky ones. Whether you wear in a colorful way or try with other ones.

Do different style with accessories – do many styles and make statements with different kinds of accessories whether with your ears or in wearing hands or if you like some apart piercing on your body then do it but with styles.

Treat your planet like a dress too – like you always want to wear a good dress and want it always clean, same do with you planet too like supporting the organic clothing or swapping plastic for paper bags and be more eco-friendly.