FaceUnlock Security is the first sign of touch-free human-machine interaction. Face unlock feature no doubt brings utmost security to our premium smartphone. But with AI and ML  there could be a time similar to a science fiction movie when machines may not bother to recognize Humans anymore. Hence FaceUnlock not only brings unbreachable security to our devices but also raises concerns about the power we may bestow on our smartphones as well as other computing devices.

Cyberspace remains a major concern for National Security Strategist across the globe. However, this was not the case a decade ago. One major reason for such global concern has been meteoric rise of the Smartphone user.

Best face unlock mobiles

One major driving factor behind the popularity of Smartphones is their computing power that enables the use of great applications for professional and personal as well recreational and educational purpose. The amount of work a smartphone can do is not only staggering but also alarming at times.

It today stores our personal photos/videos, credit card details, can share our geolocation via GPS calls as well as performs zillion of day to day works. With upcoming features like virtual reality and augmented reality, the mobile landscape is not just going through a technology upgrade, unlike previous years. This time around the paradigm shift in technology will not only just be seducing but disrupting as well.nh

Smartphone: Your Vulnerable Best Friend!!

Let’s just face it .. We are now a generation that is addicted and dependent on our internet enabled smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatch etc. Today’s Smartphone can be many things at a given time. Some of them are :

  • Smartphones can be a child’s favorite toy.
  • Smartphones can be a teenagers favorite past time.
  • Smartphones can be a professional’s best assistant as well as old man’s health expert.

Hence Smartphone today is now an inextricable part of human life. This makes the security of smartphones of utmost concern for manufacturers and users alike. Unlike earlier times, losing a smartphone now has to be reported. Hence, security is paramount for smartphones and their users.

In the heydays, smartphone security features were limited to passwords and patterns. But modern day smartphones carrying critical personal data and information have biometric security features. Hence, we see new smartphones with more and better security features like Fingerprint sensors and Face Unlock.

The growing demand for bigger and better screens has pushed fingerprint sensors on the backside. This has made the face unlock security feature a favorite of smartphone manufacturers. The face unlock reduces dependence on the awkwardly placed fingerprint sensor (or no fingerprint sensor at all). Face Unlock gives a more reliable and faster way to unlock our phone.

Apple iPhone X was the first to give this feature. And Android Phones followed suit. Today all premium/flagship offerings from top brands carry this security feature. In this blog, we try to compare the face unlock feature of the five most popular smartphones in the market.

Apple iPhone X: Safer but longer Run Time

Apple introduced this feature during the unveiling of its premium flagship product the Apple iPhone X. Apple did away with the fingerprint sensor which was part of its previous offerings. Apple claims it to be the most advanced form of face unlocking.

Apple iPhone X

The security software unlocks the phone by analyzing our face by creating a depth map for matching. The face unlock feature even works in low-light or dark conditions. In utter darkness, the phone uses depth map and IR technology for scanning. Face ID can also adapt to changes in your face, such as facial hair or cosmetic make-up.

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However, Face ID isn’t as quick to use, and certainly not as fast as Touch ID on other iPhones. You first need to wake the phone by pressing the power button, and then once the device has recognized your face and unlocked the phone, you need to swipe up from the lock screen to access the phone. The unlock time is greater than those in earlier Apple phones. But the security it brings to the phone makes up for the greater unlock time.

OnePlus 5T: Face Unlock Backed by Fingerprint Sensor

The OnePlus 5T lacks the technological prowess of the Apple iPhone X’s feature. During setup, the User needs to save his/her face model. The 16-megapixel front camera is then used to match user’s face with the data model for unlocking the phone every time user wakes the phone by using the power key or simply double tapping on the screen. In low light conditions, the phone uses the assistive lightning feature to enable face unlocking. The process is not 100% efficient and there may be times when a user may have to opt for fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone.

OnePlus 5T

The phone makers have tried to compensate smooth and quick unlocking time. The One Plus 5t unlock time is faster than any other in its category. Users can select from a number of unlock options that include:

  • Unlock to the lock screen where the user swipes to access the phone.
  • Directly unlock to the home screen for a quicker experience.

Honor View10: Face Unlock made Gesture Easy

The Face Unlock feature of Honor View10 borrows its functionality from OnePlus 5T. Treading on the same line, it uses its front camera to facilitate face unlocking. However, its Face Unlock feature does not support assistive lighting for use in low-light conditions. One noted feature is that Honor View10, unlike the OnePlus 5T, does not require its user to press the power button or tap on the screen.

Honor view10

With Honor View10, a user has to simply raise the phone with his/her face facing the front camera to unlock it. Another feature that adds the feather to its security is the unique gesture that triggers face unlock and wakes the phone when lifted off a flat surface.

Face Unlock in View10 works quickly and smoothly without delays after wake up in good lighting conditions. It also comes loaded with a set of options post face unlock like unlocking directly to the home screen.

Samsung Galaxy A8+:

The Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) in its segment locks horn with the likes of OnePlus 5T and Honor View10. The face unlocks feature like its Android counterparts fails to match up to the Apple iPhone X standard. The phone uses the front camera for face unlock. However, the effectiveness of the feature becomes questionable in low light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

Samsung’s flagship offering falls flat on accuracy and speed. The face unlock experience is not ratable. Unlocking the home-screen requires a user to hold the display screen upright and straight in front of the face for a few seconds to unlock the home screen. The wake gesture, however, reduces the wake-up time by unlocking the home button.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro: Budget Phone with Premium Face Unlock features

Redmi Note 5 pro, is the david in this battle of the Goliaths of the Smartphone Industry. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is the go-to option in the budget phone category that comes with Face Unlock security feature. The feature was added quiet sometime after the official launch as an OTA software update.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Like the other Android-based phones discussed above, its face unlocks feature also offers similar functionality. It surpasses the Samsung Galaxy A8+ in accuracy and angles. It is still slower than the Honor View10. But considering the budget price tag, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 has to be lauded for pulling the rabbit out of the head.


Among the phones above, the OnePlus 5T, for the time being, is a winner as far as our team is concerned. OnePlus 5T offers a safe and accurate Face Unlock backed by the fingerprint sensor on the device for emergency situations.

We hope that at this point in time, you have a fairly good idea about much talked and hyped face unlock features of budget and premium smartphones. Face Unlocking feature is still in its infancy and it will take a few years before it completely unfolds before us in its various forms and uses.