When you spend your hard money to buy a motorbike then choose a good mileage vehicle is always your first priority. In a survey, 93% respondent would say that, their bike doesn’t give a mileage that the company claims. When they buy their vehicle and it is true, mileage always reduces nearly 1/5th times. For example, if a company claims 50kmpl mileage than in real bike give 40kmpl. For a good business purpose some of the company can keep up their records up to the average mileages of the bike. But, actually on road mileage is different from that.

mileage issue

When the company creates the new bike, then they do a thorough investigation of the bike’s performance and one of them is a mileage check test and then launch it into the market. But when bike moves on the road its mileage always differs from the mileage that the company claims. There are many reasons for this, some of them are:-

  • When the company checks the mileage, they run the bike on straight automatic moving machine like that when you run on a treadmill. But on-road bike runs on bumpy surface which creates much difference in mileage.
  • During the mileage check, company check’s without any rider or passenger, but on-road it is impossible to ride bike without rider or passenger and this also creates a difference.
  • When a company runs their bike on the automatic moving machine they do not use the clutch, brake and gear which are the major cause of mileage fluctuation.
  • Normally rider uses simple fuel for their bike, but during the company check they use expensive and high power fuel.
  • Company checks mileage without any accessories fitted with bike. The weight of those accessories will also create some mileage difference.
  • These tests are conducted in moderate climate conditions, but in real bike have to phase any type of climate conditions which also affect its mileage.

These are some reason for fluctuations of companies claimed mileage and on-road mileage, which company never tells their customers they just only tells their bike’s highest performance but it never comes on-road. So, when you go for buying a new bike, then don’t trust completely on companies claim. Always maintains your bike according to you that will help you and your bike’s performance.

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