Last updated on – 21st January, 2016

Have you ever encountered a situation when accidentally, your bike got wrong fuel? Such situations occur when either a new petrol pump or gas station employee would have done this job or if you have poured this on your own, then you might have been in a hurry. It’s better to stop the bike at the very moment you feel that something wrong has happened while filling.

diesel engine in petrol bike's engine

If you have seen someone filling Diesel instead of petrol in a petrol engine bike, then follow the below useful steps.

  • Do not ignite the engine. Once the fuel gets injected into the engine, it would be very tough to recover the problem.
  • Switch off the fuel input valve and disconnect the line of fuel transmitter from the tank to the carburetor/ fuel injector.
  • Empty the bike’s tank in a container. Make sure that the whole tank gets empty. You can even detach the fuel tank from the bike to get it empty.
  • Get the fuel tank’s inner portion cleaned with a slight amount of  petrol, shake it well so that it covers the whole inner body.
  • The tire pressure machine will do the next job. Stream out the remaining fuel from the bike with the air pressure nozzle. The tank must get cleaned completely.
  • Refuel the bike and it is perfect for riding.
  • You must take help from the local staff of the petrol pump/fuel station. They know how to deal with such situations.

diesel engine in petrol bike's engine

Sometimes, we came to know about such happening after covering few kilometers. During such situation, the bike may start jerking. Get it parked immediately and call the service station for further help. Pulling the bike forcefully in such condition leads to cease the engine.  But as the diesel fuel has been injected into the engine, it is mandatory to open up the engine as the diesel is an oily fuel, which damages the fuel pump, spark plug, carburettor, injectors etc.

A few lucky people may get their bike cured without letting it to open heart surgery due to less amount of diesel intake. In this condition, the spark plugs must be replaced with newer ones and other parts must be cleaned thoroughly. It’s better to get the bike serviced from the authorized service center.