In India elections are being held on different times and dates. Have you ever questioned that who or what organization is responsible for holding the elections in different states of India? It is the Election Commission of India which is responsible for holding the elections at regular interval of times. It is an autonomous and constitutionally established federal authority that administrates all the electoral processes in the Republic of India. It has the power of direction, superintendence and control of all elections to the parliament of India, election to the office of the President of India, Vice President of India and state legislature.


The president of India appoints Chief Election Commission and two Election Commissioners for the duty of the Election Commission. The commission main work is to hold fair and free elections according to principles listed in the constitution of India. The commission decides the election schedules whether of bye-election or general elections. As well as it also decides the locations of polling stations, locations of counting centers, assignment of voters to the polling stations, with these counting centers and other allied and auxiliaries duties and matters.