Christmas means mass of Christ. This day is a traditional holiday in the Christian calendar. The Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th December. It is celebrated as the birth day of Jesus Christ. It is a secular holiday which is celebrated by the whole world and even in those countries where the population of Christian people is very less.

merry christmasThe word Christmas was found in 4th century on the occasion of birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December.

It was adopted by most of the eastern churches. Due to no confirm and exact information regarding the birth of Jesus, the opposition and contradiction were happening in Jerusalem. The Saturnalia was celebrated between 17th and 24th December. 25th December was the birth day of Mithra who is the Iranian God of Light. Hence in order to settle the effects of these festivals, this day was accepted as Christmas by the church. As the Christmas’s story is filled with lots of confusions and myths, Christmas is celebrated with joy, happiness, love and one of the most popular festivals in the world. It reflects the glory, power, salvation and love of Jesus.

The Christmas has faced lots of controversies about its exact dates and it was found some where before 98 AD cause it is believed that the festival of Christmas was celebrated for the first time in 98 AD. In 350 AD, The Bishop of Rome, “Julius I” announced 25th December as the birth day of Christ. Before Christmas, there were many festivals which were enjoyed everywhere and each of these festivals had their own significance and stories. These festivals include Winter Solstice (Europe), Sacaea (Persia and Babylon), Yuletide (Scandinavia), Saturnalia (Rome), New Year (Mesopotamia).

The Story

Christmas 2013There was a small village of Galilee in Nazareth, Israel, where a young lady, Mary used to live. She was going to be engaged with a boy, Joseph who was a Jewish Carpenter. One night Mary dreamt of an angel who told her that she is going to have a Son of God. And she miraculously became pregnant before her engagement. Joseph also had a dream in which the angel told him about the Mary. Angel told them that the name of the child would be Jesus. After that they faced lot of contradictions from the local public.

During that time a census was about to be filled by every person in the entire Rome which was passed by Caesar Augustus, and everybody need to go to the place where they belong to register. Hence Mary and Joseph went Bethlehem to register. They travelled for many days and rested at nights. After reaching there they stayed in shepherds caves. The next night Mary gave birth to a boy and they named him JESUS. When Jesus was born, a shining star appeared in the sky which was easily visible from long distance. After some time an angel came with bright light, seeing them all shepherd got afraid and started running here and there. Then the angel told them to not to get frightened and stated the whole story. Many angels suddenly appeared and started praying and complimenting to the GOD.

The three kings of the east saw all this and they got that something has happened which is miraculous. They followed the shining star and reached Bethlehem where they saw Jesus and bowed to him. Since then, Christmas is celebrated worldwide as the birth day of Jesus.