A smartphone is considered to be one of the most important technical gadgets that an individual always carry. It not only gives you a large amount of data, content, and entertainment but also helps to create your profile on the internet. Technology is changing very frequently and the number of smartphones is available in the market so it’s difficult for an individual to choose one from them.


If you love to scroll Facebook posts and like to play the games on a smartphone make sure that you select the smartphone with the best hardware. Here is the list of best 2019 smartphones that you can see through, no matter for which purpose you are using the smartphone.

Best Smartphone overall — iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 is one of the good options to purchase and has been always listed under the best smartphone in various categories. It delivers better performance and also has a large screen. It is easy to use with omnipresent iOS inside. However, if your expectations are higher from an Apple model then there is iPhone X available in the market. But it has been observed that the extra screen space on iPhone X is not worthwhile the Touch ID security is also missing in it and is not value for money.

iPhone 8 mobile


Great Hardware

Since long, Cupertino tech giant has not changed the design language of Apple iPhones, as the design of the gadget has been trending in the market and liked by customers as well. iPhone 8 comes with two screen size – one has a 4.7‑inch display and other get a larger 5.5‑inch display. A circular button is positioned on the home button which can be used for multitasking such as unlocking the phone and accessing the main menu.

Good Camera

The iPhone 8 also has a great camera which is capable to record clear videos and capturing photos. It packs a single 12-megapixel rear and 7-megapixel front facing camera featuring Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The camera is preloaded with features such as Portrait Mode, Portrait Lighting, Optical Zoom which helps to capture better photos during low-light conditions.

Software/Hardware Combination

Both the operating system (iOS) and the iPhone are being developed by Apple itself. This allows each and every aspect of the experience to work synchronized. Other smartphones mostly run on the operating system with companies own skins, which does not offer better performance but its not the case with iOS chipset.

iPhone 8 is bundled with an A11 Bionic chipset which is the highlighting feature of the gadget as it is coupled with four- cores, 64-bit architecture, and M11 motion coprocessor which delivers up to 70 percent performance as compared to A10 Fusion. It runs on Apple-owned iOS 11.

Ecosystem of App

The apps available on iOS are very much better than their Android counterpart. Almost all the developers tend to get their place on App store as the platform is much dear around the world and offers a much more refined version.

Good Battery Life

Currently, Apple has revealed that it was working on processor modifications to offer better battery in its older Apple phones. The Apple iPhone 8 has a battery back up of 1821 mAh which can be rated to deliver up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 40 hours of music play.


Closed User Interface environment

The iOS is much like a closed range of everything a smartphone user does on its mobile. Everything is tailor-made according to the suitability of iOS by the developers and the interface is only what the Apple wants to offer. No more customizations and changes one can do on their iPhone in comparison with Android.

Smart Wearable Shortage

One with iPhone can only use Apple smartwatch in the name of smart wearable. This truth has devoid of many users wanting to use much more friendly and affordable smartwatch & bands out there which offers compatibility with almost all the android phones.

No better notification alert

Apple does no homework on the grounds of notifications panel as the iOS has a very dismissing notification panel in front of the android one which offers multi-utilities just on a single tap. This the platform where Apple needs to work thoroughly.

No productive Keyword

With such advancement in keyboards including swipe typing and number rows, there is no feature mentioned in the iOS keyboard. This is certainly a drawback and requires a lot of intensive work on the keyboard app. Many of the third party keyboards may come to rescue but still not meeting Apple standard poses a question again.

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iPhone 8 Plus

If you are in search of the large-screen smartphone, iPhone 8 Plus is one of the best options for you. iPhone 8 Plus is the elder sibling of iPhone 8 which comes with a large screen and dual rear cameras. The rear camera set up has a wide angle lens which allows the users to capture close up photos.

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

iPhone X is one of the best smartphones from Apple. The company has changed the design of its iPhone series for the first time in the history of Apple iPhones. It comes with a notch on the top of the display, thin- bezels around the corners and the company has managed to offer Full-Screen Display in the iPhone X. The quite interesting part is that the fingerprint sensor is missing on the home screen of iPhone X which is the major change that has been offered by the Cupertino tech giant.

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X comes with facial tracking and recognition making “animojis”. It copies your voice and allows you to send voice messages to anyone by using different characters such as dog, unicorn or any of the characters you liked most. The company has offered the ‘FaceID’ feature instead of the fingerprint sensor in its latest iPhone X. It allows the users to unlock the iPhone X by using facial expressions.

Best Phone for Gaming — Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has a strong presence in the smartphone segment which offers all ranges of smartphone from affordable to high price. Samsung Galaxy 9 is famous for the gaming purpose which comes under the category of gaming smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with an attractive screen, a powerful battery which are the key highlighting features of the smartphone.

Furthermore, it is compatible with Samsung Gear VR headsets that offer super sharp virtual display in the Galaxy S9. It features Game Tools which helps to take screenshots, records gameplay and more.



Gorgeous Screen

Samsung offers the 5.80-inch display in Galaxy S9 along with 18:9 infinity display, thin- bezels, 83 percent screen to screen-to-body ratio. The curved designed corners give an impressive look at the company has offered Full-Screen Display in the Galaxy S9.

Gear VR/Oculus

Great work has been done by Samsung and it offers great features in its Gear VR headsets such as Star Wars, Blade Runner, Hitman, Minecraft, and more. Samsung has been sincerely working to provide entertainment in its VR experience.

Ecosystem of devices

Samsung had developed a whole range of in-house developed devices supporting their smartphones including VR headsets and smart wearables. Also one does not need to wear Samsung gear VR in order to take the pinch of new technology and can attach any of the supportable VR for the cause.

Great Camera

Alongside the title of gaming smartphone, Samsung is famous to offer great cameras in its flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S9 has a cameras setup which automatically adjusts the lighting conditions of captured photos. Galaxy S9 comes with animated emoji feature which allows you to create emojis of yourself and further send to your friends with the help of third-party apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook and more.


Samsung Experience

Samsung Experience is the company owned OS previously called with TouchWiz which lost its reputation in the market and Samsung has worked hard to get its position again. Further, the company still offers features on top of Android which is not essential in it.

Infinity Display Might Not Work Against Drops

While the Samsung infinity display may look quite impressive in hand it might get worse when one accidentally drops it on a harsh surface. The so-called infinity display includes the edges of the smartphone which may prone to sudden strike at the corner of the display and note that the display cost too expensive not everyone can afford them bit often.

This time the Samsung Galaxy S9 got more girth than its previous version S8 due to the same reason, but it is still in the danger zone and it has to be seen what may lie ahead for the users.

Highly Priced

Galaxy S9 is the latest flagship offering from Samsung obviously it comes with a higher price tag at a starting price of Rs. 50,430 in India. It looks like it is reasonable enough for the gaming experience but it’s not necessary that you get what you want.

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Razer Phone

Razer is also famous to offer the game-centric smartphone in the technology world. This is the first smartphone from Razer company which comes with top of line specifications octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC coupled with Adreno 540, 8 GB RAM, 64 GB Internal Storage.

Razer Phone

The Razer phone comes with dual 12MP cameras on the rear panel and 8MP front-facing camera. Still, it is observed that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will be a much better option than the Razer phone.

Best Budget Smartphone – Honor 7X

Huawei, sub-brand Honor has been famous to offer affordable smartphones in the market from past few months and here it offers impressive features in the Honor 7X. It is created with an aluminum unibody design which looks great and sleek while holding in hand. Huawei, the Chinese tech giant has also offered 18:9 aspect ratio in its latest Honor 7X.

The smartphone delivers better performance and capabilities to perform any of the tasks. Under the hood, there is a Kirin 659 Processor integrated with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. The Honor 7X has dual cameras on the back panel that most of the smartphone manufacturers are offering in their latest flagship. It allows you to capture clear photos during low- light conditions.

Huawei Honor 7X


Premium Design

It’s True that when you hold the Honor 7X in your hand it provides the feeling of a premium phone. Aluminum unibody design, rounded edges and a 77 percent screen-to-body ratio, and 18:9 aspect ratio offers like a flagship smartphone. One can’t believe that it comes with a starting price of Rs 13,990 for base variant.

Good Camera

At this price point, the Huawei is offering great cameras in the Honor 7X. The smartphone packs dual 16MP+2MP cameras on the rear panel featuring Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF). Up front, the smartphone gets 8MP selfie snapper along with features like gesture control, Effects function and portrait mode.

Faster Processor

Most of the smartphone manufacturers are going to be faulty as they do not provide better processor or RAM in their smartphone. However, the Huawei has offered Kirin 659 processor in the Honor 7X coupled with 4GB RAM and 32GB/64GB internal storage. At an affordable price, you usually get a 2GB or 3GB RAM while the 4GB RAM is generally available in mid-range smartphones. The extra RAM is an advantage for the buyers who opted to purchase the Honor 7X.


No NFC Connectivity

NFC stands for Near Field Communications and the disappointing part is that NFC connectivity is missing in the Honor 7X. Some of the people don’t have any issues with this but some people totally rely on this. It can be used for making payments, transferring data from one device to another.

Limited Availability

In the Indian market, the users can purchase the Honor 7X via several e-commerce platforms namely Amazon, Flipkart, Honor official website and more. In the U.S. market, the company is working that the smartphone to be made at GSM carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, or smaller carriers that run on their networks like StraightTalk, as the smartphone limited to Honor’s official website or at Amazon.

Outdated Micro USB

Micro USB works similar to NFC. Micro USB port is available in old generation smartphone that can be used for charging, transferring data from one device to another device, whereas NFC is available in the latest flagship smartphone. Micro USB is beneficial to some extent as various wireless accessories are available in the market but its still out of fashion.

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Moto G5 Plus

The Lenovo- owned Motorola has gained popularity in the smartphone segment by offering affordable smartphone and in this league, Moto G5 plus is a great smartphone that falls under the budget- segment category. It features a 16:9 aspect ratio, a plastic shell and plastic unibody design that looks overall good in terms of appearance.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus

The Moto G5 Plus features a 5.2 inch Full HD Display, 3GB/4GB RAM, 16GB/32GB internal storage, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC, 12MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing camera, a 3000 mAh battery. If you are looking for the best budget smartphone in India than the Moto G5 Plus is a great option for you.

Most Unusual Phone — Moto Z2 Force

Oftenly people want something different from the crowd which suits their personality. Moto Z2 Force looks and feels good when one holds the smartphone in hand. The Moto Z2 Force also comes under the list of best smartphones. Motorola has been working upon to modify Moto Mods in its premium smartphone which allows you to connect the modular accessory on the rear panel from which one can capture beautiful photos.

The Moto Z2 Force is indestructible which is one of the highlighting features of the smartphone as the Motorola has manufactured the Z2 Force by using the ShatterShield technology which protects the smartphone from damaging and scratching.

Moto Z2 Force


Moto Mods

Moto Mods are gaining popularity these days and it is a kind of accessory that can be attached on the rear panel on all Moto Z- series smartphone which provides the hassle-free experience to the users. Moto Mods allows the users to connect different mods such as cameras, projectors, printers and more as per their feasibility.

Shattershield Technology

Motorola phones have been developed with Shattershield Technology which helps to protect the smartphone from damaging the screen. Shattershield Technology is one of the highlighting features of Moto Z2 Force. For this Motorola sandwiched five layers which help to make the shatterproof screen.

Stock Android

For years, Motorola has been famous to offer stock Android experience in their smartphones with some enticing features that are very useful. Double twist to turn on the flashlight and wrist-twist to open the camera app some of the smart features that are available in the Motorola phones.


Moto Mods

Moto Mods have some drawbacks. Firstly, it works only on Moto Z- series smartphone and the accessories stops functioning if detached from their host units and it creates two problems. If in case you changed the smartphone the whole array of accessories that you had purchased are now useless. Secondly, if Motorola will change the design of Moto Mods in its flagship smartphone in the near future than you have to purchase the new accessories for your Moto Mods.

Large Bezels

The Moto Z2 Force was launched in the previous year and it was the only flagship from Motorola that does not come with 18:9 aspect ratio and thin- bezels. The fingerprint scanner remains available in the home screen that means the bottom bezels of the smartphone is large which looks and feels outdated.

Not Good Cameras

As as far as camera specifications are concerned at the price point the company has not offered great cameras in the Moto Z2 Force. Mostly, this type of camera set up is available in the mid-range smartphone not on flagship smartphone.

No Headphone Jack

The most disappointing thing is that the headphone jack is missing in the Moto Z2 Force which has been famous for the long so it’s difficult to deal without it.

Best Smartphones for Value — OnePlus 5T

It is observed that OnePlus flagship smartphones are worthy of money and Chinese smartphone manufacturer has always offered great specifications in their smartphone. OnePlus 5T is one of the best smartphones of 2018 which is also a value for money. OnePlus always offered premium design in their smartphone and they feel good when an individual holds the smartphone.

OnePlus smartphones price is less expensive typically about half when compared to other smartphone manufacturers still OnePlus offers mostly similar specifications in their smartphone.

OnePlus 5T


Great Cameras

OnePlus 5T packs 16MP+20MP cameras on the rear panel and 16MP front-facing camera. The cameras are integrated with some tech features such as Portrait Mode, capable of recording 4K videos as well as capture great photos even during low- light conditions.

Best Value For The Price

The OnePlus 5T has been priced at Rs 32,999 which is value for money. OnePlus smartphones are priced economically than other competitors. Obviously, it is not cheaper than the Huawei Honor 7X but it is the best smartphone lies in the range of Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000.

Oxygen OS

OnePlus smartphones run on the company’s owned Oxygen Operating System which is almost similar to stock Android. Oxygen OS comes with plenty of customized options such as reading mode, navigation gestures, face unlock, do not disturb option, gaming mode and more. The users can customize these features in the OnePlus 5T as per their feasibility.

Awesome Specs

OnePlus has offered awesome specifications in the OnePlus 5T at an economical price tag. The customers get dual rear cameras, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6GB/8GB RAM and 64 GB/128 GB internal storage, 3,300 mAh battery coupled with Dash Charger.


No MicroSD card

The disappointing thing is that the OnePlus 5T does not support microSD card. The company said that a base 64GB internal storage is sufficient enough to store most of the content in the smartphone but several apps, games and movies require large storage space. So, it needs that the company must provide the slot of a memory card in OnePlus smartphones.

Short Release Cycle

OnePlus launches a new phone in every 6 months with minor differences which is a very short time period in which the predecessor gets obsolete once the company launches the new smartphone in the market, obviously making the customer go for the new model helplessly.