In the recent past, Google launched its much awaited Android OS named as Kitkat. In the beginning, it was rumored that it will be the 5.0 version in the series of OS, but later it was clarified that the operating system will be taken as 4.4 version in the series. This Kitkat was launched on 31st of October last year. Users were expecting up-gradations in their existing smartphones but unfortunately this OS update was not available for such facility. It was made available with the new smartphones arriving in the market. Now, as the latest version has been launched, customers need to know about the positive aspects of it. Here are the top qualities of KitKat (Android 4.4):


Improved memory management: Kitkat is coded as to work with minimum 512 MB RAM. Google has worked behind the layout for better memory management of the system. A smooth multitasking can be experienced within this operating system.

Augmented Caller ID by Google: Google has added a feature to find the information of unknown number from local listing on Google maps. Apart from this an all new display design is provided to it.

Assimilation with cloud storage: The Android 4.4 has given the trait of built in G Drive. Users can open the cloud storage without downloading any separate App. QuickOffice has also been integrated with G Drive which allows the users to open their Office files direct from the drive.

Built in Health Sensors: In Version 4.4, sensors are made available to track the no. of steps while running or going upstairs/downstairs. The pedometer readings can easily be noted by the user. It is a well coded facility that will be useful for perfect training and exercise.

Multi features Lock Screen: With the modernization of OS, the Lock screen of Kitkat is also given a multi-featured look which allows many dedicated controls of the music with their album art or full screen movie picture.

Smarter OK Google: Earlier to find anything in the Google search, user needs to click on that blue widget. But with this latest OS, users just have to speak “OK Google” and the Google search will automatically appear on the screen. In that screen voice assistance can be easily used to search for any query.

Screen Recording: A utility has been pre-installed which will allow the users to record the screen operations and save them in MP4 format. This utility will enable the users to make any tutorial or problem related shoots.

So these are the top ingredients that are added in Android 4.4 (Kitkat). And this OS will definitely become one of the reasons to buy a new smartphone.