Android Q

The very famous Search Engine, Google, made several announcements regarding very interesting things including GSI, Generic System Image. It hinted regarding the availability of Android Q for the Developers at an earlier pace additionally, no emulator or specific hardware is required. This certainly meant that the Developers would be able to test the Android Q even if the source code has not been made available on AOSP. In addition to all above, features of foldable phones were also discussed hinting towards their launch.

The Features discussed via announcement were; multi-resume, screen continuity, and multi-display features. The multi-resume feature is expected to be one of the distinguished feature coming with Android Q expectedly next year.

Android Q might also extend the dark mode to the in the built setting menu while also covering other apps which are not having the dark mode option within the feature list. As per the leaked screenshot, it is evident that the dark mode may prevail in the upcoming Android OS i.e. Q

dark mode

When we look back to last year, we find that similar pre-announcements have been made by Google. At that time, it unveiled Project Treble in order to avoid further delay in getting the Android smartphones updated by the OEM partners.

GSI(Generic System Image) (source AOSP) which is a pure, unmodified form of an Android system has been highlighted through the project Treble. Treble had also raised the issue of fighting the fragmentation problem. Google has been constantly seen talking about and promoting GSI and the same was witnessed in the Dev summit where Google detailed its overall impact.

Hung-Ying Tyan from Google’s Project Treble said that the ultimate motive of Google behind promoting GSI is to make GSIs more useful for the general public-developers and consumers alike. The news came from a report via XDA Developers.

“GSI is the central piece in Treble compliance. We feel that it has a lot more potential than that. We set out a goal to make GSI be more accessible and useful, not just for device makers but also the general public including app developers like you and even consumers. An important first step toward that goal is to make GSI available in AOSP. So for this, we have published pie-gsi in AOSP. So now you can download and build pie-gsi today. We are also exploring ways to make future GSI available earlier than the release of the next Android version. So you will be able to try out next Android version earlier over GSI. And at the same time we can also get early feedback from you, so the benefit is mutual. So please stay tuned for our further announcement on this,” Tyan said in a statement.

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Thus, concludingly, the early testing of Android Q which might be possible next year would be benefiting modders and app developers alike and avoiding the use of an emulator or bringing new hardware in use which is done in the current scenario.

Multi-resume is a new feature which would enable multiple apps to run on one screen at the same time. Generally, it happens that, when one app is opened, the other gets paused automatically, but by the use of the Android Q the facility of multi-window would be made available to the users and they would be able to run several apps on the same screen at the same time. Android Q, would be coming with this mandatory feature.

Google, in one of its blogs, mentioned that multi-resume should be made as a mandatory feature in the next Android version. It talked that OEMs should be supporting this and then the multi-resume feature could be tested on Android Pie based devices. After all this, the App developers would have to opt the same using a manifest tag. Google also made an announcement to introduce other features like ‘foldable screens’ which is a screen continuity feature that allows the user to transit from one screen to the other.