Kutch– as many of you know about this place and also visit to see the authentic culture of Gujarat. It gets the tremendous attraction from a large number of tourists, especially for the Rann Utsav, which is world famous. Now, if you want to explore more about this destination, then we suggest you one of the best spots, where you get the richness of the Kutch’s culture in the very impressive way.

Yes, we are talking about the well-known village resort named as Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort, located on the border of the Great Rann of Kutch. This resort makes its place under top 10 luxury resorts in India having an incredible architecture. It’s operated by the locals, who take turns to work there during the tourist season from October to March. Here, you can find out everything, from the soothing ambiance to delectable delicacies and much more. Also, this place offers diverse accommodation choices, including mud cottages and tents, both of which have an old-world ambiance and charm and many other things that we have mentioned below.

Let’s find out what are the specialties and services of this beautiful resort:


  • At the time of your arrival, a warm welcome will be offered that puts a huge smile on your face. The resort is full with the vibrant patch of color, decorated with ethnic handicrafts.
  • As, it’s a village a resort so to make you familiarize with the village ambiance and culture, you are provided with sheer luxury tent, having the king size beds, which consisted of mud along with tables of mud too.
  • The traditional lamp is lying on the table, which were connected to conveniently located switches.
  • A thick mat is laid down on the bed, embedded with a beautiful embroidered bed sheet along with mosquito net hanging from the roof.
  • The whole toiletries are of modern style for the hygiene without compromising on the eco-friendly standards.
  • There are some “bhungas” or mud houses, which show the traditional houses of the region.
  • Talking about its food and beverage services, only vegetarian delicacies are served that are super delicious. During breakfast, the guests have the option to choose an Indian or Continental food.
  • And, while lunch, they are served with the Gujarati and Kutchi buffet having a wide range of vegetables, pulses, Indian bread and local sweets.
  • In beverages, non-alcoholic drinks are available with the tea, coffee, and buttermilk too.
  • For the entertainment during the evening, a few local villagers give sweet melodies of the region having a rural touch that pull the heart strings.

Places to visit near Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort


  • Dhordo Village
  • Great Rann of Kutch
  • Khavda
  • KaroDungar (Black Hill)

Why should one splurge on this place?


If you’re planning to visit the Great Rann of Kutch, then we would recommend you to this resort. It surely provides an authentic Kutch village experience, which is worth experiencing. And, want to see the more rural touch, you need to stay here for at least two nights.