Mahindra Scorpio that is notorious for its ruggedness across India has got an updated outlook for 2018 model year. The lately introduced Scorpio facelift now comes with new technological features, cosmetic updates, and considerable mechanical changes. Considering all these aspects lets find out the difference between this new Mahindra Scorpio and the outdated one in terms of exterior, interior, engine specifications, features, and price.


New vs Old Mahindra Scorpio Exterior

New vs Old Mahindra Scorpio Exterior

I have a look on the outer periphery of the Scorpio, the thing which will be noticed in a glimpse is the new seven-slot grille. It gives the resemblance of Jeeps grille design-specifically of the Compass. Other than this, at the front end, the SUV gets a restyled new bumper and larger fog lamps with chrome accents around them. There is also a skid plate beneath the new upper and lower grille.

At the side front, you will get the outside rearview mirrors (OVRMs) turn indicators and new 17-inch alloy wheels. Whereas on the earlier model the turn indicators were placed on the side grille. Moreover, the alterations have also been made in the air extractors of the last set of side windows.

On the back side, the plastic cladding wrapped around the number plate in the previous model has been substituted by a rear number plate applique that holds the rear number plate lights and the rearview camera. The red-lens units are the replacement of clear-lens tail lamps of the last model. Furthermore, the footstep is a redesigned asset at the rear bumper that completes the changes made on the exterior front.

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New vs Old Mahindra Scorpio Interior

New vs Old Mahindra Scorpio Interior

Moving inside, the top end variant of the updated Scorpio is decorated with a new dual-tone upholstery. Whereas, the blue-grey color theme of the last model continues to be offered. Though, the company has used faux leather to offer a premium feel and comfort. The steering wheel and the gear lever also get wrapped in the new upholstery. Other than this, to care the convenience of the occupants, the brand is providing a roof-mounted sunglasses holder and bigger cubbyholes along with a mobile holder.

Newly introduced features comprise a reverse parking camera with the dynamic assist, one-touch lane change indicator and one-touch power window roll-up for the driver.

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New Mechanicals

Under the hood, the updated Scorpio received significant changes as the carmaker is offering the similar powertrain with the different state of tunes. Now, the powertrain is electronically tuned to churn out power figures 140PS/320Nm along with the earlier 120PS/280Nm exertion figure. The bump of 20PS/40Nm than the predecessor trim makes this refined Scorpio a much powerful iteration since now. For sending power to the wheels, the company introduced a new 6-speed manual transmission. Though, it is being provided only with the much powerful version of the SUV.


As the revived Scorpio has got a host of updated features and a new, more powerful engine under the hood, the price of this updated SUV has also been increased. Altogether, the variants count has also been reduced from eight to six and the variant nomenclature has been replaced with even ones instead of the odd number. Check out the variant wise pricing of the new 2018 Scorpio.

Old Vs New 2018 Mahindra Scorpio Models Price:

Entocort generic price

Old Scorpio 2016 New Scorpio 2018
Variants Ex-showroom Price Variants Ex-showroom Price
S2 Rs 9.93 Lakh S3 Rs 9.97 Lakh
S4 Rs 10.99 Lakh S5 Rs 11.62 Lakh
S4+ Rs 11.47 Lakh S7 Rs 12.69 Lakh
S4+ with 4WD Rs 12.27 Lakh S7 (140PS) Rs 12.99 Lakh
S6+ Rs 12.54 Lakh S11 Rs 14.79 Lakh
S8 Rs 13.65 Lakh S11 with 4WD Rs 16.01 Lakh
S10 Rs 13.65 Lakh
S10 with 4WD Rs 15.56 Lakh