Holi Hai…… all the streets will boom with the shout of holi hai….

The whole atmosphere becomes cheerful as people throw abeer and gulal to one another, showing great joy and pleasure in the arrival of this spring festival. The markets get full with the colors of every hue. Children are excited and have so many plans in their mind to make the Holi special.

Holi is the time of celebration with some palatable recipes that will make your Holi spectacular. This year, if you’re planning a great grand celebration for this Holi and looking for some menu for this festival so here, we are providing you top 5 Holi recipes that will help you to make your celebration magnificent.

Top 5 recipes for making your Holi special:



Can’t imagine a Holi festival without having some sugar syrup dripping Gujiyas. These are sweet balls made of flour or maida and then filled with a delicious khoya and mixture of dry fruits. After that, deep fried in ghee and dipped in a sugar syrup.



It is a classic Indian pudding having a creamy dessert made with rice including, milk, cream, sugar and with some saffron, roses, berries and nuts for flavoring and essence. This traditional dish serves in earthenware bowl known as “shikoras”.

Shakkar Paare


A mildly sweet snack which is the easiest recipe to make. It is the combination of milk, sugar, and ghee forming a good mixture and cook on a medium flame. After that, mix that mixture in the dough and uniformly knead into it.



One of the most famous drinks which likes by everyone. To make than a day, boil the milk and allow it to cool and make a smooth paste of aniseed, almonds, watermelon seeds, poppy seeds and rose petals. After that, add the sugar, peppercorns, powdered cardamom, saffron and mix well. Now blend the mixture with milk.

Dahi Vada/Bade


The favorite food of everyone which is simple to cook at home. The vada, which is made up of dhuli urad ki daal then mild fried and serve with fresh yogurt and sprinkled over with some tangy masala. The taste on every bite is delicious!

Final words

Hope that, by suggesting you top 5 recipes will definitely help you in your planning so that it will make your Holi more glorious. Apart from these recipes, many more are there but, it is not possible to explain in one list so for that, we’ll find a way to share them with you.