Halloween Whopper

Today, the Burger King lifts the veil about the special burgers with black buns that will be served in the Americanoutlets and it seems like, the rumor has finally turned out to be true. As, the most awaited festival named as “Halloween”, which is celebrated in the U.S.A and in other countries also has been left a few days in its arrival and this new offering known as “Halloween Whopper” by the brand is to promote the fest.

Last September, the company had launched the “Kuro Burger” in Japan, which almost similar to this new one in the appearance. This burgerwill have a pitch-black bun, loaded with the famous American flavour: A.1. Sauce. This sauce will be baked into the bun and used to add flavour to the burger along with Mayonnaise cheese and the traditional ingredients of the burger, such as beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, pickles and onions.

In the Kuro Burger, the black-colored cheese is used, while, in Halloween Whopper, the yellow American cheese will be added. This new special burger will be available at the cost of US $4.99.