One more place for the foodies in the capital!?After acquiring a huge success with its first restaurant in Delhi’s Khan Market, Barcelos has now introduced its second eatery in Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi. This place includes a cozy cafeteria, soothing ambiance with a polite staff and an eye-catching decor. In India, Barcelos has transformed the concept of the “burger”? by presenting it in different colors.?

Throwing light on Barcelos’ menu, it’s well-known for its flame-grilled Peri-Peri menu, which has made an impressive position in the market by introducing to the discerning foodies their own brand of innovation. Moving to its interior, which is based on the Portugal theme is reflected from the walls of the restaurant. The customers will feel comfortable after seeing the lighting?, artifacts and wood planks.


There is an ample space to spend your time with friends and family?along with a bar, having vibrant graffiti on the walls that are loaded with an expressive mural. Each wall of the restaurant narrates a story, which is unique and attractive. Tables are housed with different types of peri-peri sauce.

The staple dish of this new restaurant is grilled chicken that makes you hunger at the first appearance. Whenever you visit here, start your meal by placing an order of chicken platter, which includes thigh, drumsticks, liver and some rolls. You can also order Veg Espetada– an another popular dish, prepared from grilled cottage cheese, pineapples and peppers marinated.

If you love to eat chicken delicacies, then Barcelos is highly recommended for you to satiate your hunger. Apart from all these, you can also enjoy some superb nitrogen based mocktails?that are served here.