Last updated on – 19th October, 2015

“A multipurpose scooter or a good looking sporty bike? What would you prefer? Let’s find out the answer.”

As, we all know that various kinds of sports bikes are available in Indian market from multiple manufacturers. The vogue for sports bikes among the Indian youth crowd is increasing day-by-day. Along with that the gusto and passion for riding is also growing up in youth’s mind. The folks are getting more enthusiastic about having a cruiser bike, super bike or sports bike. Many multinational companies are targeting the Indian motorbike market to get established and they are also spreading their wings across the country. The companies like KTM, Harley-Davidson and many more had launched some of their products in Indian market and they have earned much fame as well.

Scooter vs Bike

Fun Ride or Comfortable Ride?

Now, if we’ll talk about India based automobile companies like Honda, Bajaj or Yamaha, well they are also the winning horses on the Indian race track. Some of the well-known bikes which will give you better mileage, classy looks, and can bear the Indian roads are Bajaj Pulsar series, Honda CBR models, TVS Apache RTR and Yamaha FZ or SZ series bikes. These sports bikes will provide you better fuel-efficiency, sporty looks along with a price tag which will give bang for the buck.

bajaj pulsar 220

In the other corner, the scooters are also getting that same fame among the Indian market. The same manufacturing companies are also offering scooters with superb features like attractive looks, good mileage and much more. In our country, the scooters had shared almost 25% of the traffic on Indian roads. Scooters like Honda Activa, Hero Pleasure, and Suzuki Swish have become the first choice among the youth crowd and the old age people also. They are easy to handle and can be driven by female riders or by any age group. These days, scooters came along with many special features, which can only be found in bikes earlier, like Disc brakes, digital meter, etc. The seating capacity is not at all different from the bikes.


However, after all this discussion, again we got stuck with Indian roads and the chaotic traffic. To bear with the heavy traffic, the scooters will help you in many ways. Unlike a bike, you need not to change the gears again and again in the tremendous traffic. The scooters have the ability to bear heavy traffic and one can ride them in a cozy manner, even across the narrow roads. While riding a bike, you will end up changing the gears at the bottom red lines. Scooters have lots of lodging space with them, which can carry enough loads cautiously. The price tag, which comes along with the scooter, will not affect your pocket much, as you’ll get a better priced scooter within the range of Rs 60,000.

While concluding, I would like to say that scooters will give you a comfortable ride along with good mileage and some of the scooters are meant for both boys and girls, but a sports bike will give performance and actual fun of riding.