World first floating cityMany of us would have heard about life on planets like Mars and moon, but is it possible to live on water also?? YES… this miracle would happen to be a reality if the dream which a U.S. based company has seen, come into existence. This company has prepared a prototype of such a city which will float over water. This city will have 25 floors, 50,000 houses, a run way on which the planes with a minimum capacity of carrying 40 passengers can land, school, park, hospital, malls, casino and various other facilities.

These facilities when put together on its base could replicate the glam of London, New York and Beijing like cities. This ship cum city would be named as Freedom Ship and the total cost required for its establishment will be somewhere around 6 Billion Dollars which is a big amount. But if they got enough courage and capital required in building this city, then this would be the 8th wonder of the world. This ship is 1 mile long and spends 70% of its time near the big cities of the world. Rest of the time will be utilized for roaming from one country to another.