jan-lokpall-billDelhi Jan Lokpal Bill will be scrutinized by Central Government before it has been ratified. A higly –placed source said about this on Thursday in Union Law Ministry.

Here are some points to know about Lokpal Bill that.

  • It first enacted by the Central government.
  • The Delhi Government outspeak that before Jan Lokpal Bill is approved, it has to go to the Lt. Governor and, processed and appraise by the central government.
  • Draft of the anti-graft Delhi Lokpal Bill, 2014 has been processed by Delhi cabinet which says an independent inquest can be undertake against any government employee ranging from a peon to a chief Minister. Anti corruption legislation is the major promise of AAP (Aam Adami Party)
  • AAP (Aam Janta Party) planning to introduce the bill on February 13 in Delhi Assembly.