Ever since Ranbir and Katrina’s affair news has come, the media is boiling over them regarding about their wedding. It is all known fact, even though not yet confirmed that Ranbir and Katrina in love and perhaps soon going to tie the knot but topic soared much when Ranbir and Kareena on Karan Johar’s show “Coffee with Karan” where Karan asks some unquestionable questions to Ranbir and kareena about Ranbir’s marriage to Katrina.

Katrina Weds Ranbir

When this topic is asked to Katrina about wedding then she said that she has no plans for marriage till 20 and 30 years and then there were no more comments. And about Ranbir and Kareena’s conversation, she said it was a joke because they are cousins so they have habit to pull each other legs.

Katrina was speaking to reporters during the press conference of Dhoom 3 that is to hit on the screen on Dec 20. On the statement when Ranbir said that Katrina is special person in his life for whom he can give his life, Katrina said that she can too if there is special friend of mine even Ranbir too, whenever he is in need for me, I will be there..She said.

So what you think what is going on in airs, what one and other are thinking about whether they will marry or not or if yes then when? If you like to know and comment then you are welcome here on Sag Mart.