One Rank One Pension has been accepted in Interim Budget 2014-15. Long standing demand of ex-servicemen has been passed. Government has accepted “One Rank One Pension” demand on Monday in Interim Budget for 2014-15.

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram announced that Rs. 500 crore would be allotted to defense for One Rank One Pension principle for all 25 lakh retired servicemen and approx 14 lakh serving military personnel.

Armed forces were not sure about the amount from the budget would be sufficient or not. The long demanding “One Rank, One Pension” has been pushed by Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi supported OROP (One Rank, One Pension) and it will be effective from 2014-15.


What is One Rank One Pension Rule?

One Rank One Pension rule is about holding the same pension for all retired servicemen. The rule demands identical pension for those who have retired in different years. For instance, two army personnel from same rank, retired in two different years such as 1992 and 2007 respectively. Both should get paid same pension.

When successive pay commission enhances salaries and pensions, it did not affect the pension of ex-servicemen and pensioner who have retired before 2006 get fewer pensions than their juniors.