The year 2014 has been a memorable one for the wearable gadgets and watches were the favorite among them. There have been many watches launched this year, but as it was the start so they had their problems as well. Still, here below are some of the promising ones:

Apple SmartWatch

As we all know that Apple is a tech pioneer for quite a long time now and this year it flaunted its smartwatch at an event in Paris. However, it hasn’t been out in the market for sale, but for the 2015 it’ll surely be a good gadget to watch out for as it would be featuring the latest apps and no glitches hope so!

apple smartwatch

The Samsung Gears

Samsung followed the same trend with the watches as it does with the smartphones, that is launching too many of them. Although, the Samsung samrtwatch were the first authentic android based wearable watches with lots of features and software bugs too. Samsung Gear Live, Gear Fit and Gear S were the famous names among the 5 launched in the last year.

Samsung Gear

Motorola Moto 360

Motorola had a fantastic 2014 with both smartphones and smartwatches and its Moto 360 smartwatch was one of the market eye candy. It has all the necessary features with only a few errors that we suppose will go away with the improving technology and the trend of wearable smartwatches.

moto 360

Microsoft Wrist Band

The Microsoft entered into the phone market with the acquisition of Nokia and into the wearable gadget market with the launch of its smart wrist band. This Microsoft gadget had been received well with its features, but with a lot of scope to improve it.

microsoft wrist band

Final Conclusion

The final conclusion about the above post of wearable gadgets is that we surely a few good ones, but the need of improving them is more and not popularizing them as a new trend in the market. Though, if you’ve different views then you can share them in the comment section below.