It might be noticed by chocolate lovers that a piece of chocolate, which is not eaten for a long time, a white layer appears on it. Have you ever thought why this happened? Are these chocolates still safe to eat or not.

So, let’s find out the reason behind that:

  • The white layer that appears on a chocolate is because of a “blooming process” where the fats present in it, convert in the crystal form leads to becoming unattractive.
  • But don’t worry, to create a good quality of chocolates, scientists from the German National Research Center Deutsche Elektronen-Synchrotron, the Hamburg University of Technology, and Nestle are using X-rays to examine this process in the chocolate.
  • Desy’s PETRA III X-ray machine will be used by the scientists, which is the most powerful light source and the brilliant storage ring X-ray in the world. Via this machine, the scientists are able to studying the “blooming” process at a very small level that how it happens.
  • While this fat blooming is not harmful, but it leads to millions of damage in the food industry because of the customer complaints.
  • Some reasons behind this issue have been found, but still remaining to reach its root cause.