When you go to Delhi you must have traveled in the metro train. It is one of the fastest and always available city’s traveling systems. It is good and fast rather than buses for which you have to wait. Seeing the progress of Delhi Metro project there are other metro projects that are coming into different cities and states that will provide common people the fast and always available public transport system for which they do not have to much wait otherwise they spend their half of time waiting for buses. Metro train system makes you reach at time without any delay and you can travel comfortably also rather than in buses where you have to struggle even for standing.


Upcoming Metro Project:

•    Kochi Metro: the first phase of Kochi metro is expected to end by 7 June 2016. The cost of the project is around Rs 581 crore.

•    Hyderabad Metro Project: this project is now under construction having cost around RS 17,000 crore. The first phase includes three lines.

•    Bhopal Metro: this project will cover 3 corridors having distance of 38.5 km. The project cost is around INR 80 billion.

•    Chandigarh Metro: The Chandigarh Metro project is expected to start by 2018. It will cover around 30 stations and the cost of the project is around Rs 113.75 Billion.

•    Indore Metro: This project is around INR 85 Billion and it is expected to be started by 2019. It will cover the distance of 33.26 km.

•    Lucknow Metro: it is the most expensive public transport project in the state of U.P. It is expected to cost around Rs. 12500 crore.

•    Pune Metro: this project will start by 2018. It will cover the distance of 82 km.

•    Mumbai western railway elevated corridor: this project will start by 2020 that will connect 26 stations of which 5 would be underground and 19 would be elevated and the rest 2 will be at ground.

•    Jaipur Metro: it is India’s fourth metro rail system after Delhi, Banglore and Kolkata. The project will complete around mid 2014 next year.