It’s obvious with every smartphone user to get confused over the point of resolution. As we all know the resolution matters a lot for smartphone screen. We had even articulated the concept of screen resolution and the role of it in smartphone screen in our earlier post. Now, it’s time to go familiar with some tricky terms of smartphone’s screen resolution which are not easy to catch with differences.

Today’s tech industry uses several confusing terms to create unnecessary interest, without caring whether it would be praised by the customers or not. Here, I’m differentiating the one among this bunch of haphazardly terms.


Don’t get Confuse Over QHD and qHD

When I first read about the QHD display, I wasn’t much familiar with such naming tricks. But suddenly, one more name has perplexed me, which was qHD. When we look both these names in a single glance, then we found them similar, but they are not. These are willy-nilly tricky terms in smartphone display resolution. Let’s go further to distinguish such alphabet soup.

Smartphones with Quad HD Display

QHD stands for Quad High Definition, interchangeably called as WQHD . Its often interchangeably wrote as Quad HD. When describing it in pixels, then it has 2,560×1,440 pixels with 16:9 aspect ratio. It is four times of the number of pixels from HD (1280x720p) resolution. The first smartphone with such high resolution was introduced in 2014 named LG G3. Then Samsung, Lenovo and Motorola started following the Japanese tech giant by bringing its few high-end devices with QHD display.

On the other side, qHD is not as big as QHD in the smartphone vocabulary. It’s just the quarter of the full-HD (1920x1080p) i.e. 960×540 pixels. Yes, here small q represents the quarter of the number of pixels in full-HD. Moto E Gen2 and Gen 1, Microsoft Lumia 535, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini are few devices with such qHD resolution.

Smartphones with qHD Display

I think, now you are completely familiar with both willy-nilly terms and will never get confused over here. So, whenever you go for buying a smartphone, keep the difference between qHD and QHD in mind to never be fobbed by such terms of screen resolution.