Facebook Trending OptionFacebook always trends. It always brings something new and interesting features for users. This time it has added a new feature to its site that tells you about trending topics and news across the social network. This new feature is called “Trending”.

The social networking giant, Facebook announced it on its site on yesterday. Users now can see a personalized list on the right side of their News Feed that will be a kind of combination of different topics that are in news and being much discussed, if a user is interested in the topic that is trending on Facebook, they can click on it and read the full story about it.

It is the time of tough competition. Twitter listed trending topics because it does not want to be like just a micro blogging site that is full of tweets, pictures and videos. So it is something increased pressure that forces Facebook to announce a feature something like this that tells about any trends which is popular.

This “Trending feature” of Facebook is live now. You can see on your Facebook’ account to see what’s trending now. Facebook says that it will make improvements to the feature over time.

Displaying Facebook Trending Option on your Profile