Writers are those that are able to concoct a new thought through their pen. He/She is the one, who can frame ideas and words in impressive way and can unleash a new era with his own imagination and fantasy. Imagination is the best power of a writer. But sometimes this power of speaking own thoughts and engrave them into words may turn into controversy. Everyone is born with different thinking and different opinion on each aspect which may influence writing and affect individual’s thought on the same. Take a look at top five controversial writers who have been in controversy due to their writing.

Indian Controversial Writers

Arundhati Roy – Who doesn’t know about Arundhati Roy? She is always in lime light because of her prating. She received the Booker Prize for novel “The God of Small Things”. She also wrote screenplay “Electric Moon” and “In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones”. She remains in controversy every time because of her criticism and comments. In the year 2008, she supported the Kashmir separatism and also started an arduous job for Narmada dam project. She also defended Mohammad Afzal Guru.

Khushwant Singh – Khushawant Singh, who died on March 20, 2014, was always in controversy because of his wicked writing and intense humours. He was also known as “dirty old man”. At the age of 99, he died but had been writing bold words till he was alive. He was always in controversy for his Anti Sikhism writings and dirty jokes.

Salman Rushdie – Salman Rushdie and contention walk together, holding each other. Ahmed Salman Rushdie is a novelist, who wrote many novels. His novel “The Satanic Verses” raised the controversy and a “Fatwa” had been issued to him by Supreme Leader of Iran. He wrote about Muslim women’s condition in his novel.

Shobha De – Shobha De, Novelist, columnist and journalist, who is known for her contention writing, moved her into controversy. She always stripped out bollywood’s big faces. She uses very bold statements for movie reviews and punches haggy titles. One of the Bollywood actresses Sonam Kapoor said about her that she is a “sixty something porn writer”.

Chetan Bhagat – Chetan Bhagat is a youth icon and famous novelist. His novels are always mauled for his women’s characterization. His novels has bad image of famous institutions which was not acceptable by any publication house but got popularity at its best. Bhagat is also known for his speeches and remains in controversy because of his tweets. Controversy regarding 3 idiots which was based on his book Five Point Someone, was raised because he didn’t receive the credit, he actually deserve for movie.