Last updated on – 19th October, 2015

Hero Motocorp retains a good position with its top 6 products in the commuter bikes category, but the Honda motorcycle is chasing to catch the Hero MotoCorp. As we know that India is one of the world’s largest two wheeler market and all two wheeler manufacturing companies are trying to create the best sales record. The Hero Splendor series is continuously leading into the commuter motorcycle segment after selling over 1.81 lakh units in August, 2015.

hero splendor ismart

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In the recent days, Hero brought one more member in its Splendor family, named as Splendor Pro Black Alloys. Some changes in its graphics and alloys wheels’ color (Black) were made. The company’s other products also helped to make the good sales record in August, 2015 such as Passion with 81,529 units sold and HF Deluxe 80,971 units sold. The Hero and Honda are residing on the top five ranking in the sales list of August, 2015; after that Bajaj Auto and then TVS is leading the list.

honda cb shine

Honda’s entry-level CB shine sold with 63,590 units and the newly launched Livo 10,250 units come out from the showroom in August, 2015. The Bajaj CT 100 is registered as the best selling product after relaunched and it sold 38,412 units. The Discover 125 is continuously getting a higher sales record with 12,633 units. The Platina is running as a silent performer with 22,149 units sales.

The TVS came with a strong lineup, but it is incomparable with Hero and Honda in terms of sales units, but the Star City is the best selling product of TVS in August 2015 with 20,259 units and another one is TVS Sports with 10,508 units. TVS Phoenix 125 is trying to get a good sales record. In the 125cc segment the Honda CB Shine is covered major part of the automobile market. Some others companies are also in 125cc segment including Yamaha, Mahindra 2-wheeler and Suzuki and these are at the bottom in the sales list with their individual models.

Let’s see the list of 100cc bikes along with their sold units.

top selling 100cc in august 2015Let’s see the list of 125cc bikes along with their sold units.