As the festive season?has kicked-off with the Christmas? preparation, which is about to arrive. As soon as, you end up with Christmas plans, you will have to gear with a New Year party. It’s sure that some of the planning is running in your mind regarding the New Year celebration. Usually, people enjoy this feast in its own way, such as going outside with friends, where the New Year party?is conducted or spent time with your family members at home. But this time, do something unique that stays in your memory forever.

Have you ever wondered to host a New Year’s Eve party? If not, then do this time. Conduct a grand celebration at your home to give a wonderful surprise to your relatives and friends. And, keep some mouth-watering dishes that your guests’ mouth will start drooling. For that, we have compiled a list of some delicious delicacies, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, which will enhance the standard of your menu.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve Celebration with these delectable treats:

Vegetarian Delicacies


Non-Vegetarian Delicacies