Taco Bell currently invited FoodBeast to try a top-secret new dessert, which they have planned to release for their kitchen. This palatable dessert will be available with Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal and a warm, gooey milk icing that would make it the newest addition in dessert at Taco Bell.

FoodBeast has tasted this new sweet product alongside a deep-fried balls of sweet dough, which are filled with the sugary cream. This latest dish will be sold out only at Bakersfield, California in two sets at $1 or a dozen at $4.49.


At the first glance, it would compel you to assume that the dish is the mixture of milk and cereal snacks, and if you people will think like this, then your assumption will be 100% correct as this mouthwatering snacks will get same things. Cap’n Crunch competes against the likes of the Cinnabon Delights that has also been made filled with milk frosting and offered by the same restaurant as well. Both of these items are known as “pastries”.

The reason behind the popularity of Taco Bell has been considered that this restaurant always believes to add some new items to its menu with delicious tastes for the customers. It has already been getting an outstanding response from the previously introduces items, such as Cinnabon Delights, Gorditas, the triple steak snack and Quesaritos. This new item is expected to be sold soon in all over the world.