Winter⛄️ has arrived in its full form in the North India and there are lots of reasons to love this season that bring itself with various fun filled elements from cozy, sexy jackets or blazers to awesome rajai ki neend? and at least it’s a big relief from the scorching summer?, that’s why, you pretty much love it. Now, there is one more and the main reason for the same is the food as you can munch a number of seasonal delicacies that not only yummy but also packed with multiple benefits.

Generally, you prefer indoors instead of going outdoors during this season, so why don’t take delight of home-made winter delicacies? Albeit, there are several dishes that only consumed in this season, but we are mentioning those, which are very popular and can be easily prepared at home. While wearing fuzzy socks and sweaters, snuggling under your covers and bathing in a tub? of moisturizer, these winter food items will definitely make it all worth. Therefore, take a look for once over the list and enjoy this winter with your friends and family by munching them.

Check out these warm comfort foods to celebrate the Winter season:

Gajar ka Halwa


One of the most popular winter delicacies, Gajar ka Halwa is an all-time favourite dessert that makes the season worth. With delightful taste, it is also nutritious for health as ghee along with dry fruits are there, which make it wholesome.

Tomato Soup


If you want to beat the winter chills, then drink tomato soup. Though, endless soups are available, but this one is best to enjoy this season. Hot soup with a loaf of bread, it’s yummy………………

Peanut Chikki


How can you forget Groundnut during winter? And, talking about one of the most famous delicacies, which is mainly prepared by it is “Peanut Chikki”. So, must eat this as it’s nutritious for health.

Gur ke Chawal


Gur (jaggery) one of the most healthy food items of winter. Although, a very few people like it, but the delicacies, which is prepared from it are very tasty. Gur ke Chawal is one of them, that offers delicious taste and flavour and whenever you eat it, your craving for eating it will be enhanced.

Sarson ka Saag and Makke ki Roti


The most popular traditional dish of Punjab is Sarson ka Saag, prepared in the winters. Paired best with Makke ki Roti, homemade butter and jaggery. This complete meal is packed with multiple nutritional benefits.

Shakar Kandi (Sweet Potato) ka Halwa


Have you ever eaten Sweet Potato Halwa? If not, then cook it today and after taking its first bite, this is sure that you will feel that you’re in heaven. There are lots of different recipes with this one like tikkis, chaat or just eat it plain with some chaat masala.

Stuffed Paratha (Methi/ Mooli/Ghobi/Bathua)


Paratha is like, which you can eat any time. And, if it’s stuffed with seasonal vegetables such methi, mooli, ghobi or bathua, then you surely forget all other flavours of the dishes. Hot, crispy and crunchy stuffed paratha with curd, chutney or any pickle yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

Bajra Masala Khichdi


A popular Rajasthani snack, loaded with multiple benefits as it’s very healthy for the body. It takes a bit time in the preparation as bajra takes a long time in cooking.



A traditional dish of Bihar, which is famous in all over the world. Litti-Chokha offers delicious spicy and yummy taste that will make you mad!!!

Goond Ke Ladoo


As you all know that Goond is an edible gum that are easily available in shops. One of most popular ways of consuming this helpful ingredient is in the form of delicious Goond ke Ladoo. It’s often had with a glass warm of milk for breakfast, while some people prefer to enjoy it as a dessert after a nice meal.

Ginger Tea


Ginger Tea- nobody misses it as it is the main part of the winter. Without it, you can’t enjoy your winter season. Most of the people are very crazy for it and always ready to drink it any time of a day.