Have you ever thought about the menu list while conducting any function or event? If yes, then it’s good else, it’s very important to plan, what are the foods and beverages should be there for any occasion. And, if you take the suggestions from the event planner, then it would be the best. An event planner will give you correct and several ideas in catering menu items and ensure for a successful program according to your budget. As, the menu list is one of the most important things for the guests at the event, because it’s a tendency of the people that their eyes first go through with the menu and if they get satisfy, then be sure, your occasion is totally perfect for them, which you want.

We are here to provide you some of the noteworthy tips while ordering food for any celebrations, that will surely enhance the grace of your party and provide breathtaking moment from which not only you, but your guests will also be shocked!! So, take a glance once at these points before throwing any function, event and occasion.

Consider the following, when planning your menu list:

What is the Profile of Your Guests?

One of the most important things that you have to know, the guests you have invited to the occasion belong to which profile. For instance, most business people attend the events throughout the year and the phrase “rubber chicken circuit” is very common among them. So to prevent this you have to know the level of your guest, at what frequency your guests attending the same events and background.

What are the Likes/Dislikes of Your Guests?

After knowing the profile of the guests, now you should aware of likes and dislikes regarding menu of them. And, here the event planner plays a vital role as he/she has to decide what menu options to offer, because in an occasion, people of different age group will be there and according to that, you have to plan your menu.

Offer Several Menu Choices

There should be several selections in the menu so that all the guests will be pleased, what’s available like offer at least two choices of entrees, three or more salad dressing options, serves all condiments on the side and offer two dessert options.

Serve Seasonal and Fresh Items

While planning the menu, you should be aware of the ongoing season as it plays a large factor in determining the food and beverage. And, another important factor is in which region or area, you are organizing an event so you have to offer popular food items of that place.

Select the Menu That Appropriate for the Event Schedule

Choose those menus that are fit for the event schedule, such as box lunches are best if you have a short duration party, plated meals requires at least 1.5 hours, buffets of 1 hour and many more according to that.

Look for the Special Needs

Before an event, you should find out the special needs of the guests that includes food allergies, religious requirements and dietary restrictions.

Dressing of Foods and Beverages

It’s well said that, “we eat with our eyes and nose before tasting it” and this one is absolutely correct. The presentation of your menu item should be unique and incredible that make your guest want to eat it. This means linens and decorations are according to the theme of the meal that complement it.

Final Words:

Hope, you like all these tips and must remember while conducting any event, as there are many factors that lead to hit them and food and beverage is one of them, hence it’s very necessary to plan out for it, so that guest are pleased with your party and wait for the same, whenever you will organize next.