Salman Khan’s absence from the colors channel’s anniversary party made tongues wagging about Salman’s leaving the show and on the other hand Shahrukh Khan attending the party made the rumour of hosting the next season of Bigg Boss.

bigg-boss-8-Shahrukh-KhanThe party held at Sunburn Hotel, Mumbai. Party is filled with different small screen artist and certain Bollywood celebrities but the main factor that rumoured in the party is absence of Salman Khan, which might be considered due to Salman enraged with the channel over the certain mishappenings that happened during the last session of the reality show.

And in the absence of Salman khan in the party and its biggest rival of industry Shahrukh Khan attending the party roumered that Shahrukh may get chance to host the reality show. As previously the show was hosted by various celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan but according to stats Salman hosted the show in the best way as TRP records says. So, if shahrukh host the show it is his biggest challenge to break the TRP records and to make new impression of himself.