“Satyamev Jayte 2” has introduced its presence again with its laud episode, which is specially based on Rape victims. The show started with ferocious rape case of Nirbahaya (Delhi Gang Rape). In this case a medical intern was gang raped in a bus. The second season of “Satyamev Jayte” began with the tag line of “Jinhe Desh ki fikr hai“, broadcasted on Sunday. The story took turns when rap was treated with indifference.


Once again, Amir Khan is the host of this most awaited talk show. Amir Khan said about the show that he has cognized about forgiveness. Women empowerment and rights are the groundwork of the second season of talk show.

First episode also highlighted about female foeticide. Show also told the story of Mitu Khurana, who is a doctor. Her highly educated family wanted to kill her twin babies. This story delineates that not only the people with less education and residing in rural areas and small towns, are involve in this brutal activity; People with higher education also get involved in these kind of activities.

Episode enclosed with many cases of female foeticide and human trafficking which led to selling of thousands of women in India. “In the last one year 15,000 women from Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh have been brought and sold here to families. This has led to human trafficking in Rajasthan,” a social activist Virendra Vidrohi said.

Amir Khan and the whole team of  “Satyamev Jayte 2” comes with a hope to awake the people and aware every women about their rights. As per modified Indian Law, Females have equal rights and freedom as males does. Women are one of the most humble creations of God, but they have enough soul to deal with worst situations. Every man should remember that if a Woman has grave image of love then she also has anger of Goddess Kali.