NestleIndiaThe wait is finally over for those, who have been waiting impatiently for their 2-minutes favourite snack as “Maggi” is all set to re-enter the Indian market by this month.Yes, it’s true that the ongoing controversy on the ban of Maggi noodles, which was going on from the last 4-5 months seems to have finally come to a happy ending. Nestle India reported that the Maggi has approved all the tests ordered by the Bombay High Court at three accredited laboratories.

And, now the next effort of the company to relaunch the “masala” version of it within this month. In June, the food regulator FSSAI had ordered to ban the Maggi and also stop its production from all the country due to the presence of lead and MSG beyond permissible limits, which was the worst time?of the company as it had to destroy all the batches of its famous product.

Despite, Nestle India held on to their stand and fought continuously to prove that their product was safe for consumption. After a few months, the samples of the Maggi were tested again in the laboratories that found “safe to eat”. Nestle India stated,

“We have received the results from all the three NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing Calibration Laboratories) mandated by the Bombay High Court to test newly-manufactured Maggi Noodles. All the samples of the Maggi noodles masala have been cleared”