It is a surprise or shock or you can say a history that the two friends of Bollywood, who have enmity with Each other over the years, finally met in Star Guild Award function. And when everyone sees this everyone gets shocked and the meeting of two becomes quick spreading news around the media. These friends, who met after several years of distance, are Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. As according to reports, Salman Khan was doing anchoring for the show, suddenly Shahrukh Khan reached at the venue and seeing him Salman Khan said how you or whats are you doing.

Shahrukh and Salman at Star Guild Awards
Shahrukh Khan Hugs Salman At Star Guild AwardsSalman Khan Hugs Shahrukh At Star Guild Awards 2014Shahrukh Khan Hugs Salman On Stage At Star Guild Awards 2014After this, Salman congratulated S.R.K. the success of “Chennai Express” and in the reply of it Shahrukh handshake with Salman. But the talk was not over yet. Salman said to Sharukh to promote his film “Jai Ho” and for the friendship’s sake Sharukh promoted “Jai Ho” by saying its name. It was a historic moment in the Bollywood film industry that everyone noticed about. It cannot be said what is cooking now but what at the time of Star Guild Award anchoring got cooked, cooked well.