jai-ho-reviewSalman Khan has come again with his new movie “Jai Ho“, which is a political action drama in which Salman khan has played the character of Jai Agnihotri. In this character, Salman Khan is a common army man who is terminated from his duties. And the reason behind his termination is not that he was not an honest officer rather he was more than that.

In one rescue operation he did not obey his senior’s order, that’s why he got suspended from the army. In the movie, Jai is shown a soft hearted man and he hates every evil thing in the society. People come to him and tell their problems. He solves their problems and everyone says thankyou to him. And on the basis of Thank you, he initiates a new starting.

But he tells something different about saying thank you. He says, one should help three needed men. As per him, this kind of initiative helps in the development of the country. Jai is an ex-army officer who never afraid of anyone and anything and always remain prepared to fight any challenge. By this way he makes his own army which fights towards every evil activity in the society.

There is one politician who becomes Jai’s worst enemy because of his rising popularity in the society and fights against him but at the end, Jai receives the victory over each and every evil and politician in the film. If the movie is seen through the vision of story, it is based on an old formula of Salman Khan’s films means action-romance-drama and there is nothing in it. In the movie, protagonist fights against the antagonist and at the end, wins the war.

The direction of Sohail Khan is pretty impressive after the flop movies of “Hello Brother” and “Maine Dil Tujko Diya”. There is no acting for Salman Khan in this movie except he just fights and breaks others’ bone. Jai Ho is debut movie of a new Heroine “Daisy Shah”.