Summarized-Reviews SUVs

1. Mercedes-Benz GLA    (9/10)

Mercedes Benz GLA

The Mercedes-Benz GLA has a well-furnished cabin and the outer styling of the SUV is catchy. But the GLA is noisy and has older powertrain which makes it sit behind its rivals. There is less space in the back seat and also the riding experience is not too good.

                                                             Mercedes-Benz GLA prices
Variant Price
GLA 200d Style Rs 32.33 lakh
GLA 200d Sport Rs 35.64 lakh
GLA 220d 4MATIC Rs 38.64 lakh

2. Audi Q3  (7/10)

Audi Q3

Even being outdated, the car looks appealing. The cabin is simple but is furnished properly. The Audi Q3 has the well-equipped kit but it lacks behind some new kits that are available in the newer competitors. The Q3 was powered by sufficient 150hp diesel but now the upgraded version comes with larger 184hp powertrain which has faster powertrain by which it runs faster. The highlight of the Q3 is its comfortable ride which also makes it quite expensive.

                                                                      Audi Q3 prices
Variant Price
Q3 30 TDI Premium Rs 36.53 lakh
Q3 35 TDI Premium Plus Quattro Rs 39.68 lakh
Q3 35 TDI Technology Quattro Rs 42.88 lakh

3. Mini Countryman (7/10)


The Mini Countryman has a quality, class and also has a long list of the kits. It gives a great driving experience but misses 4WD which points out that there are other SUVs who has 4WD. The ride quality of the Mini Countryman is a bit hard for our roads which gives the customers a reason to choose its rivals.

                                                      Mini Countryman prices
Variant Price
Countryman Cooper SD Rs 37.40 lakh

4.  BMW X1 (8/10)


The BMW X1 is the SUV which folds everything in it. It is powered by a strong diesel powertrain which gives the X1 a good performance along with a great ride and handling experience. The cabin of the BMW X1 is spacious and deluxe. In the higher-spec variant, there is 4WD but it is better to choose the lighter version because of the low ground clearance of the SUV.

                                                        BMW X1 prices
Variant Price
X1 sDrive20d Expedition Rs 35.20 lakh
X1 sDrive20d xLine Rs 39.30 lakh
X1 sDrive20d M Sport Rs 42.40 lakh
X1 xDrive20d M Sport Rs 45.40 lakh

5. Volvo XC40  (9/10)

The Volvo XC40 is powered with 2.0-liter diesel powertrain which churns out 190hp of maximum power which gives the SUV an easy driving experience along with the great riding and handling experience. The SUV is spacious and is furnished with the technology and kits which even the higher class cars miss out. The price of the Volvo XC40 is a bit higher than its rivals but it also gives a lot more for the amount.

                                                             Volvo XC40 prices
Variant Price
XC40 Momentum Rs 39.90 lakh
XC40 Inscription Rs 43.90 lakh