15th August, 2015- the most significant day for the people of India as our country got freedom from the British ruler after so many years of slavery. This year, it would be the 69th Independence Day and has been declared as National and Gazetted Holiday. This day has been celebrated throughout the country with various cultural activities. But, have you ever thought to enjoy this day at home? There are many ways by which you can relish and show your affection towards the country such as going at dinner, garden, picnic, mall for shopping, watching movies and much more.

We are coming with a great idea, which is interesting as well as unique. What about, if you prepare tricolor meals at home? According to me, this one is an amazing way to express your love for the nation by doing what you do best-cooking!! So, get ready to put some patriotic gear, wave the flag and enjoy the food on this 15 August. Therefore, check out these tricolor and scrumptious dishes that are inspired by our Indian Flag.

Some tricolor Indian delicacies to celebrate this Independence Day:

  • Tiranga Curry Rice


  • Tricolor Chapatti


  • Tricolor Idlis


  • Tricolor Barfi


  • Tricolor Dhokla


  • Tricolor Fruit Salad



  • Tiranga Sandwich